Thursday, March 24, 2011

dissappointed on spm result .

salam .

i dont know how to begin . i feel like im lost my spirit to struggle hard for achieve something .
what im hoping is not become true . dont u think its damn hurt ? i am try . im try the best .
but i dont know , the result its not too satisfied . my target is too deviant from what i expected .
from 6A's to 3A's ?? what the ??
the most i hate is , when i answered the paper , i feel very confident with what i do .
ya ALLAH , i cant imagine how happy i am if i get 6 or at least above 3 !!
i wonder , is that fate does not always side with me ? 
i just hope my SPM result is BETTER than my PMR result .
but , it does not become . ya , maybe my efforts is not enough hard . 
btw , i am be grateful because my science subject was A+ . alhamdulillah .
thank you ALLAH .

the truth is i am dissappointed with myself . 

bye .


a n a . i z z t y said...

it's ok la least u try ur cousins who take the SPM, also got bad, now u must take it as a challenge..and prove it that u always can be the best... ok dear?...don;t be sad...gagal ari nie x bermakna gagal selama nya...chill dear :)

ruby zaizi said...

spm baru stage yg pertama..banyak lagi kite kena tempuh as a student..more difficult than that one.. chill oke :)

@rE-LonG said...

Its ok dear..
amy da brusaha yg tbaik kn..
nnti masuk u..usaha lg k..

make sure bila masuk U, amy target dpt dekan every semester k ;)

Anyway..tahniah!jgn cepat mGalah..bnyk lg yg akan amy tempuhi.. ;)

radziah radikun said...

firstly, nak wish congratulation kat adik :)
setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahNya.
don't give up ok.
you had try your best.
nanti kalau dapat offer masuk U, belajar betul2 ok..

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

ambik lagi sekali...apa apa pun teruskan spm hal kecik